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Weird Fish

Here at Weird Fish we have been sailing at full steam ahead and maintaining our commitment to our core values of sustainability and creating exciting new products whilst being kinder to our planet.

The story begins in 1993. After a bracing and inspiring walk along a coast path in Cornwall, Weird Fish was born with a simple mission: to produce well priced, well made and distinctive clothes that become instant feel-good favourites.

Over 28 years later we are proud to still have the same founding values at our core, as this is what makes us Weird Fish.

We live for that Friday feeling. Whether we’re unwinding by the coast, walking our dogs, or just catching up with friends at the local, the weekend gives us the time to unwind and be ourselves. We believe everyday should be full of the freedom and fun that the weekend gives us.

This belief is lovingly stitched into every Weird Fish product. Everyone has an old, trusty favourite in their wardrobe. You know the one we’re talking about; the well-loved jeans or ‘washed 100 times’ T-Shirt that puts you in a good mood the moment you put it on. When Saturday morning rolls around and it’s time to escape the daily grind we just want to kick back in our feel-good favourites and enjoy the good times. Every piece of our clothing starts with that feeling in mind because we deserve this sort of comfort every day.

We don’t claim to be a 100% sustainable brand from top to tail yet – but we do believe there’s a better way of doing things. An approach that will have benefits for everyone – for us, for you, for our customers, partners and their employees, for our products and all our futures. But rather than go on and on about CSR, ethical trading policies and ‘green’ sustainability strategies… we just want to tell you about how we are doing things we think are a little better.

Weird Fish - Autumn/Winter 2024 (FRAUEN)
Weird Fish - Autumn/Winter 2024 (Männer)
Weird Fish - Spring/Summer 2024 (FRAUEN)
Weird Fish - Spring/Summer 2024 (Männer)